Saturday, March 28, 2009

Body Language and flirting

Have you ever seen a person from far away and said to yourself: “I don’t like him/her” even though you two haven’t talked at all? Well, body language speaks of you as much as your words do so here are a few tricks you should learn in order to be liked by other people and even yourself, believe me it works!:

1. Walk up straight! Just think of a girl looking sexy, with a great outfilt showing half of her boobs, but her posture is not straight, her steps are short and insecure and her face is looking down or away like not wanting to be seen, you would think of that person as being self-conscious and even less than you, not exactly the kind of person you would like to take out on a date. Now, imagine a girl that even though she is not showing much, she walks like she’s the owner of the place, she looks at you in the eye, she looks happy or at least comfortable and fresh. Would you date someone like that? Maybe not, but she definitely got your attention didn’t she? Well, the same happens with men, a man who moves himself as a loser will only attract losers. On the other hand, a man who acts like a CEO even though all he has is a bicycle and two outfits will attract and get the attention of every girl in the room. Just being next to him will make girls feel proud, some even wanting to get noticed next to him and being flattered by just a look from him.

Here's a video that will show you exactly what I’m talking about:

Here’s another video but don’t focus on the heels but on the posture

Having a good posture leads to showing a great attitude and people will believe it even though you are feeling like a hobo. But don’t worry, it will just be a matter of minutes before you start feeling like a queen/king and cupido starts giving you a hand.

1. Don’t be so overconfident to the point of being rude and nasty. Nasty is ugly, just be happy and natural.
2. Don’t laugh or giggle if you don’t want to, if it makes you feel more comfortable change the tone of your voice to express what you feel or better use just words or silence both are good as long as they allow you to be yourself.
3. For women only: if you tend to interrupt a lot, not good. Say mississippi first before speaking.
4. Relax!! Breath deeply hold it for 4-5 mins and release it very slow or just get used to breathe deeply.
5. Feel in harmony with your body and personality, don’t try to change it, yes other people around you have personalities you wish you had, but you’ll be surprised to see how many people would love to be like you so go for it!
6. When you see that person you like look at him/her in the eyes!! Don’t hide!! But don't look too much or you will look creepy.

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