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How to flirt with women: Flirting tips, how to flirt, with a girl, with a guy, signs, dating advice.

David Wygant provides some good advice for men to flirt with women. Here are some of his videos:

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How to relax your body: relax, relaxed mind and body, learn, rest, renew.

Feeling good about yourself and with those around you will allow you to flirt, connect or just get along with other people. A positive and relaxed mind is a key to success in all aspects of life. Here are some tips to relax your body and flirt:

1. Breathe deep, hold your breath for 5 seconds and release it very slowly.
2. Get used to breathing deep all the time.
3. Imagine harmony inside your body, love your own personality, think of your own qualities and see whatever is around you as positive.
4. Imagine and think of nice stuff.
5. WORKOUT!! This is actually the best method besides breathing deep
6. Get a nice massage every once in a while
7. prioritize!! there's nothing more stressful than having a guilty mind
8. Don't feel guilty always remember that you are never going to be perfect and perfection is boring, and that whatever happened was necessary for you to learn, be thankful, it was good it happened now and not later, now you'll know what to do next time
9. Avoid excess coffee and sugar
10.Take vitamins
11. Do yoga
12. Spend time with your pet
13. Do activities that you enjoy

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Do pheromones really work?

When I heard about them the first time, I didn’t believe it. I thought it was a scam and a total waste of money. However, read what happened to me: One day when my hot roomate was getting ready to go to a party, I saw she had a little bottle next to her makeup that said: "man magnet essence" or something like that, so I decided to put it all over me without her knowing it and as I was coming out of the dorm, I fell down on my greasy face with no make up on during a bad hair day, surprisingly, I heard no laughs! My eyes couldn’t believe it. These group of guys around me were looking at me in the eye like they had never seen such a girl before. So I thought ugh maybe they know me I better get out of here as soon as I can. Turns out I get into my car to go to walgreens and as I start driving I see guys in the car next to me looking at me. I wasn’t even thinking about the pheromones, I just go back, take a bath and next day, gone. No looks no more. Hmm.. that’s when I realized it could have been the pheromones but I couldn’t remember the exact name of them,I didn't even know they were pheromones and they were so expensive I didn’t even bother looking at the design of the bottle, but I went online, did some research and found a few I could afford and tried them. I can say some work better than others, some work only on your skin, some only on your clothes, and some others change their scent when you put them on. In general, there’s a lot to choose from, and I don't really have a favorite, because all of them work. Ever since I got it I don’t stop using it, and the results have been amazing!!! I’m so used to it. Now I don’t know if it’s the smell that has affected me as well, but I do know for a fact that my attitude has changed too. Before pheromones I used to talk fast, make a lot of face gestures and walk fast. Now I can't care less. I walk slower, I don’t use as many gestures as before, I feel more comfortable with myself and when I talk I talk slower than before. I love it it’s so sexy and the best of all: I can’t help it :).

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Body Language and flirting

Have you ever seen a person from far away and said to yourself: “I don’t like him/her” even though you two haven’t talked at all? Well, body language speaks of you as much as your words do so here are a few tricks you should learn in order to be liked by other people and even yourself, believe me it works!:

1. Walk up straight! Just think of a girl looking sexy, with a great outfilt showing half of her boobs, but her posture is not straight, her steps are short and insecure and her face is looking down or away like not wanting to be seen, you would think of that person as being self-conscious and even less than you, not exactly the kind of person you would like to take out on a date. Now, imagine a girl that even though she is not showing much, she walks like she’s the owner of the place, she looks at you in the eye, she looks happy or at least comfortable and fresh. Would you date someone like that? Maybe not, but she definitely got your attention didn’t she? Well, the same happens with men, a man who moves himself as a loser will only attract losers. On the other hand, a man who acts like a CEO even though all he has is a bicycle and two outfits will attract and get the attention of every girl in the room. Just being next to him will make girls feel proud, some even wanting to get noticed next to him and being flattered by just a look from him.

Here's a video that will show you exactly what I’m talking about:

Here’s another video but don’t focus on the heels but on the posture

Having a good posture leads to showing a great attitude and people will believe it even though you are feeling like a hobo. But don’t worry, it will just be a matter of minutes before you start feeling like a queen/king and cupido starts giving you a hand.

1. Don’t be so overconfident to the point of being rude and nasty. Nasty is ugly, just be happy and natural.
2. Don’t laugh or giggle if you don’t want to, if it makes you feel more comfortable change the tone of your voice to express what you feel or better use just words or silence both are good as long as they allow you to be yourself.
3. For women only: if you tend to interrupt a lot, not good. Say mississippi first before speaking.
4. Relax!! Breath deeply hold it for 4-5 mins and release it very slow or just get used to breathe deeply.
5. Feel in harmony with your body and personality, don’t try to change it, yes other people around you have personalities you wish you had, but you’ll be surprised to see how many people would love to be like you so go for it!
6. When you see that person you like look at him/her in the eyes!! Don’t hide!! But don't look too much or you will look creepy.

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Jojoba Oil Benefits

What would you do if you suddenly discovered an oil that could heal all of your body including your hair skin (oily or dry) and nails all in one bottle with no side effects? Now, let’s suppose you met a businessman that tells you that everybody already knows that oil, he also tells you that you can get profit from it by just adding something to it and make it look better so people actually think is better. Now you can just charge any price you want for it even though the real benefits of the oil are gone now. Well, that’s what happens with some expensive products that contain jojoba oil! They make you believe that their product is the best when in fact is only one or two ingredients that are actually working and let’s not talk about the side effects or the kits they make you buy in order to get “the real benefits.”

Well let me tell you that in order to have a beautiful skin you don’t need to spend a lot of money, have a lot of products or buy kits and kits every few months. Jojoba oil does it all for you! It works by stopping the growth of bad bacteria and dirty/tacky sebum in your face and replacing it with a natural oil that is fully absorbed by the skin and will leave no grease on!

Now whether you are a male or female, or whether you have oily or dry skin (no severe acne), this is the only beauty treatment you should be looking for with no side effects. It feels clean, it doesn’t smell and it’s awesome! I have personally suffered from greasy skin, acne and wrinkles, all of them because of other products’ side effects but now all of that has healed! Now, I won’t lie and say my skin is perfect now, but jojoba oil has definitely given me the best results out of everything else I have used in the past.

I know sometimes people are fooled by other people that tell them to use toothpaste, lemon, vinegar, apple cider vinegar, garlic, sugar, hot water, tomatoes and all kinds of stuff on their face, or even worse, they will go to the store and get a natural cleanser, an astringent, a mosturizer, a night mosturizer, a zit cream, and an exfoliant in an effort to look perfect. Does that work? Maybe, but the side effects are mounstrous including greasy face, open pores, wrinkles, etc.

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With jojoba oil you will need no soap, no astringent and no mosturizer. It not only removes makeup, but it also kills bad bacteria, doesn’t irritate your face and it mosturizes too!

Price might be a concern, it might range between $7 up to $13, depending on where you buy it and the kind you buy, I personally use the organic one, try it, you won’t regret it!!

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Flirting Tips and news for men and Women

Have you ever had one of those little books that have the words how to on them? Don’t you look at it every time you feel low or when you just want to polish your skills? Well, this is just like one of those, it is loaded with useful advices and they are for free!. Although the answers are very simple and easy to follow many people take them for granted and don’t take a minute to read them. I recommend you keep checking this website in the future as it will be updated every once in a while.

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